Upon seeing our outlet's menu, you will notice that you have hundreds of Japanese dishes to choose from, consisting of a seemingly endless variety of sushi and sashimi dishes on the conveyer belt, and hot dishes that are either barbecued, fried, stewed, smoked, or mix cooked in the kitchen. The dishes we provide are all prepared under prolonged period with full attention from our chefs, starting from the freshness of the ingredients, to the mixture of flavor and seasoning, until the food is cooked and ready to serve you. In short, we perfected each preparation stage and insist to have you experience the perfect Japanese meal. Additionally, each of our restaurant's menus varied depending on food cultures and eating habits of consumers from different regions. Here, we put endless efforts to ensure the Edo food culture and local food culture matched seamlessly to satisfy every individual.

For every true Japanese cuisine goer, our menu provides you the choice of single or multiple sushi and sashimi platter, Japanese-style side dish and salad, while also serving Teppanyaki, Robatayaki, fried and barbecued food if you opt for a more heavy yet healthy meal. If that is not enough, you still can choose from our soup, rice, noodles, Japanese confectionary and so on, we insist you to have your personal combination of delight from the hundreds of kinds of food that lined up to compose an endless variety of flavor and taste.

Many of our signature dishes, from main course to snacks, are made of exclusive recipe and cooking that has long since passed down from one generation to another. The untold culinary heritage is now unconcealed and modified by our chefs with their modern style culinary skills. Hence, the taste and flavor we provide are guaranteed to be unique and non replicable, only customers of Edo Ichi can taste the secret.