In the year 2001, our arduous implementation of preciseness and excellence in culinary art and management, which was instilled with Edo Period’s culinary spirit and culture, had successfully lead us to revive ancient culinary mastery and seasoning essence to our present day. Thus, Malaysia’s first true Edo Period Style cuisine outlet, Edo Ichi, was proudly established.

Over the next decade, after receiving a high degree of consumer recognition and market support, we took a step further to expand the culinary business by increasing the number of restaurants to eleven as of 2012. Among them are Edo Ichi, Edo Sushi, Hana, Azuma, Zento, and others located across Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, all operating under the centralized quality management of Right Potential Sdn Bhd, and being well-known cum sought after by countless groups of Japanese cuisine goers.